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Bec Johnson: Empowering Change Through Tabor-Empowered Counselling

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Introducing Bec Johnson, a Tabor alumni and a masterful professional counsellor who's at the forefront of making a difference. In this video, "Bec Johnson: Empowering Change Through Tabor-Empowered Counselling," discover how Bec's journey at Tabor equipped her with the skills needed to navigate complex real-life issues in her successful private practice.

As a Level 4 registered counsellor with the Australian Counselling Association, Bec's expertise shines through her trauma-informed generalist counselling approach. Her mastery covers a range of areas, including addressing alcohol and substance use, family violence, and a myriad of challenges that individuals grapple with. What sets Bec apart is her unique philosophy that approaches the human experience, a distinctive perspective rooted in her Tabor education.

Her journey from formal training to hands-on roles in the community services sector has culminated in her thriving private practice, where she offers individual, couple, and family therapy. Witness how Bec's Tabor experience has been a cornerstone in her journey of providing impactful and effective counselling, enabling her to bring hope and healing to clients nationwide.

Watch a video of Bec below.


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