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Book launch for The Art of Accompanying

This small book opens up the gentle art of spiritual conversation and soulful companionship.

'The Art of Accompanying' by Phil Daughtry and Maxine Green.

Packed with the wisdom of experience and practical examples Phil and Maxine share deeply from their own philosophy and practice of spiritual care.

The result is an invitation to go deeper, and to discover the abundance of a life that is lived from the centre.

This short book is full of gems to encourage us to walk with others, accompanying them to become a ‘restorative and healing presence in the world.’ Through accompanying an individual or a group or organisation, we can help others to discover ‘… an abundant life; a helpful and hopeful life. A life that contributes to making the world a kinder and safer space.’

The Archbishop of York, Dr. John Sentamu

It’s not every day that a reader gets an invitation to be intentionally curious, contemplative and observant – all in the first sentence. Enjoy. I did.

The Very Reverend Frank Nelson, Dean of St Peters Cathedral, Adelaide, South Australia 

The release of a book that is dedicated to hope, blessing and the celebration of the spiritual life.

"There are moments in life which are special - golden moments, moments like diamonds when there is inner connection and deep beauty. Some of these are conventional moments where one is expected to feel joy, sorrow or be uplifted - the birth of a baby, the beautiful view on the horizon, the crescendo of a magnificent piece of music. Some moments slip in - almost under the radar and surprise us. At these moments it is not only the heart that rises, it is the soul that flies. The soul is nourished and its presence is deeply acknowledged."

Collect your copy from Tabor Reception or order online.