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Communications Career Kickstart

Join us for a day of Mastering Creative writing and Communication (Perth Campus)

(Plus, a chance to win ‘The master’s book case’… a collection of books from the Masters program including key texts and creative publications by those who have emerged from the course.)
Who is it for?

Writers, Musicians, Ministers, Teachers, Content Creators and all Storytellers.

What does the day look like?

The day will introduce people to the basics of creativity, writing skills, managing the ups and downs and how to thrive as a creative communicator. The sessions will be run by Dr. James Cooper and Dr. Peter Court and will include a lunch.

Session 1: Surviving Creativity. Creativity: what it is, what it isn’t.

Session 2: Where do ideas come from? 

Session 3: Editing and effective creativity. 

Lunch provided

Session 4: Storytelling for communication and making a living. 

Session 5: Commercial communications. Using your creativity to sell. 

Closing Session:

• Prize Winners announced.
• Overview of Tabor’s MCWC. “Not a writing course but a writing career”.

Register Now

Cost: $ 35 per person

Venue: Tabor Perth Campus | 45 Berkshire Road FORRESTFIELD WA 6058

Date: Saturday, 18 September 2021
Time: 9.30 am-4 pm


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