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The Equine Angel

Here is an angel
A messenger from God
It does not have wings
But it does have a warm and fuzzy nose that can snuggle up to you

And a magnificent mane
And such powerful forelegs
Beautiful flanks
A swishy tail and hooves that clip-clop, clip-clop
On flinty cobbled stones
And as you watch the angel roll in the grass and whinny with the pleasure of being alive
You feel a feeling arising
And filling your tummy, warming your heart, girding your loins, clearing your mind
It is a feeling of peace and happiness
And you find yourself approaching the angel
And wrapping your arms around its mighty neck
Burying your head into its side
It shimmers slightly and speaks without speaking
And in that moment you receive the holy message
The sacrament of your truth
It is delivered into your heart
“You are loved, cherished and included in the family of God and the universe”
Mission accomplished, the angel drifts off to eat a bucket of oats.

Dr Phil Daughtry