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Former Minister of Education Speaks at Tabor

The former South Australian Minister for Education, The Honourable John Gardner, recently visited Tabor where he addressed the new students attending Orientation Day for 2022.

In his speech, the former Minister commended the Tabor Education Faculty on its recent TPA registration, and the College as a whole for its very high national ratings related to quality of education and student support.
The former Minister observed that those called to work with young people have always played a tremendously important role in society, and that the challenges posed by COVID over the last two years had helped clarify just how vital their work is. He went on to encourage Tabor students in all faculties to be true to their values and to help young people to fulfill their potential and live meaningful lives.
The former Minister concluded his speech with a quote from Cardinal Thomas Williams of New Zealand, offered especially as an encouragement to our Education students, but also to all Tabor students whose work in the community professions will have an impact on young lives The quote reads:
"If ever you become discouraged and doubt that you are positively influencing others, then know that part of you will be flying with every pilot, building with every architect, diagnosing with every doctor, creating with every artist, fashioning with every craftsman [sic], and teaching with every teacher.

More than that, part of you will be woven into the fabric of every sound marriage and every good home. You are making your way into the hearts and minds of the children and youth you teach and lead. You are leaving a very valuable legacy for future generations."
(Cardinal Williams, New Zealand, 2000)