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Tabor’s end of term open mic!

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Bared souls and great vibes – Tabor’s end of term open mic!

Adam Klimkiewicz - Student Success and Support Coach

End of term 1, 2023, saw Tabor invite staff and students to an open mic in the brand new music centre: a chance for everyone to let their hair down and show perhaps another side to themselves!

The night began with snacks, pizzas and Tabor student Isi being an absolute superstar organising a setlist of those keen to perform. Meanwhile, Janelle and Logan, two of our amazing lecturers in the music department, set the gear and space up, and whom without the night could never have happened.

And so with the lights dimmed, the seats and beanbags pushed forward, and everyone excited to experience each other’s talents, the night began with two worship songs as Ruvon, Ash and Bianca kicked us off.

And from there it was an incredibly diverse arrange of styles, performances and feels that showcased not only the incredible hidden talents of Tabor but also the depth and range of the human spirit that God has given us. Tom and Leah rocked out an original, Alicia took us to Africa by singing the Our Father in Swahili, Dylan gave us a mix of stand-up and poetry, and Angus took us to Matilda the Musical. We had a psalm, more originals, and Annalise and Isi shot us deep into poetry space, taking us on metaphorical and imaginative journeys into what it means to be human. Molly went deep into heart space, and time stopped as she detailed in monologue and song an experience of love and loss. It was then up to Kelly, Logan, Joel and Natalie to see us off, as we swayed to worship, bopped to jazz and chilled to a Norah Jones classic. And then, because why not, we sang some ABBA and smashed out a conga line. I didn’t think anyone would join me as I started it, but to my grateful surprise, I wasn’t left alone trying a conga by myself!

A wonderful night! We can’t wait for the next one and to experience more hidden talents! Thanks again to the music centre, and a big thank you as well to everyone that came along simply to watch and listen: we appreciate you!