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How far do you need to go to make the world a place worth living?

It turns out that you don’t need to go anywhere

Nor do anything

Other than become the best version of yourself

In the life and context that has been given

In the humble task in front of you now

And tomorrow

And in the days ahead.

The journey to take is within

That simple turn of the heart

An attitude you have carefully nurtured

And practiced

To perfection.

The kindness and warmth

The care and attention to detail

The presence that you offer

As you serve the coffee

Fix the tap

Quote the job

Offer your stage performance

Answer the phone and reply to the email.

And so it is that everyday people

In everyday tasks

Become the light of the world

By dispensing a lightness of heart

The lift of the spirit

The impact

The phenomenon

Of work crafted by love.


Dr Phil Daughtry

About Phil Daughtry
Phil Daughtry is a senior manager at Tabor and he teaches in the field of contemporary spirituality. He has a reputation amongst his staff as a caring and empowering leader. His students speak of his gentleness, clarity of communication and capacity to teach critical and reflective thinking skills.
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