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Good news about Tabor’s performance as a Higher Education Provider.

QILT 2022-1

QILT 2022 (2)-1

Each year, the Australian Government funds the administration of a comprehensive survey of students in higher education.  In 2021, over 260,000 students from more than 100 universities and higher education providers responded to the survey. The results and accompanying report have been released, and once again Tabor performed exceptionally well.

The report puts Tabor at Number One in the Nation for Student Overall Satisfaction at Undergraduate level! And that's for all Higher Education providers including Universities! 

Additionally, Tabor's Teacher Education Undergraduate degree is number one in the nation for Overall Quality of Educational Experience.

The way we embody our Christian values underpins our student’s exceptional experiences. That is why 91% of Tabor students report they are satisfied with their overall student experience. What an extraordinary result! The national average of all other universities and non-university higher education institutions in Australia is 71%2.

Our values of respect for the individual, a disposition of hope, and a commitment to social justice and equality result in students feeling supported and confident throughout their time with us. That is why an overwhelming 94% of Tabor students report satisfaction with the practical and emotional support offered throughout their studies. The national average is just 73%2.

Our graduates are equipped with the practical and spiritual tools they need to excel in the workplace and positively impact their communities. That is why 92% of Tabor students report high levels of satisfaction in practical skills developed during their study, while the national average is 79%2.

Our approach to teaching is relational and interactive. That is why an outstanding 94% of Tabor students report satisfaction with the teaching quality they receive. The national average is 79%2.

At Tabor, we care about the formation of the whole student. We take the time to help our students understand who they are in Christ and how they can impact their communities in transformational ways. Our record shows that we truly are Leading Education in Community Professionals.  

Why is this important for you to know? Our success is your success. Your formational experience with Tabor means that you can look forward to joining our sought-after graduates in making a difference for good and for God around the world.

1 QILT Course Experience Questionnaire (Undergraduate Level) 2021

2 QILT Student Experience Survey 2021 (Undergraduate). Includes all Universities and Non-University Higher Education Institutions.