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Stories of Life Book Launch

About the Event

For the last six years Tabor’s creative writing program, alongside 1079Life FM and others, has supported ‘Stories of Life’, a short story competition that encourages people to share their stories of faith and testimony.

On Thursday, 4 November the 2021 edition will be officially launched at Tabor, under the spreading shade of the plane tree outside the Hub. This year’s anthology draws its name from a story by Tracey Price entitled “The Labyrinth.”

‘The Labyrinth and other stories of life’ can be found on the website where you can also find tips and hints for writing your own entry in next year’s competition, free from the Tabor's Master of Creative Writing and Communication course.

  • When: Thursday, 4 November 2021
  • Time: 6:00pm for 6:30pm start
  • Where: Tabor College  |  181 Goodwood Road Millswood SA 5034
  • Register here


We want YOUR story of faith & testimony for 2022

We’re looking for stories that creatively and engagingly tell your personal testimony, or relate a spiritually significant moment or event from your life story. Stories that speak of hope, grace, forgiveness, and the impact of knowing Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.
The purpose of this competition is to encourage people to tell their stories of life and faith. That isn’t easy at the best of times, and to do so in an interesting way is doubly difficult. But a competition like this provides a clear forum for doing just that, and a way for each of us to start thinking about the difference Jesus makes in our lives, and how to put that into words.
Of course, we want to recognise and encourage excellent writing too, because the printed word and the power of story is vital for sharing the gospel with a world that is hungry for Truth. So while the prizes on offer here are a definite incentive, and a way to recognise the gifts and talents of a select few, we are also looking to generate a much larger collection of inspiring stories for publication and/or radio broadcast. In fact, all shortlisted entries will be included in an anthology of stories to be published in Australia by Morningstar Publications.
What’s more, to help you tell your story in the most effective way, we’ll be providing access to a whole host of practical writing tips and resources throughout the competition. So start thinking and get writing, and join us in making the most of this new and creative approach to public ministry!