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2021 Strava Challenge

The Strava Challenge

8 weeks of friendly competition.
8 weeks of health and fitness.
8 weeks of fun!

It’s sad to say goodbye to the Strava Challenge, which came to a close on the 26th of September. What a huge competition! And so very close at the end. Well done to the MTC Champions. You deserve this win for your unceasing effort, team spirit and can do attitude. I was in awe at what the MTC Champions achieved each week.

A total of 200 Adelaide and Perth staff and students engaged in this challenge, and boy was it a good time. Each team showed great spirit and put in a mighty effort. It was so good to see staff and students from both Perth and Adelaide working together and encouraging each other through this online challenge. People (such as myself) who rarely go out of their way to exercise saw this as an opportunity to benefit their health and have a good time doing it. I for one am already looking forward to what the Strava Challenge will bring next year.

And in first place the MTC Champions who finished on a total of 8032km with 64 participants. Second place goes to the HSS Heroes finishing on a score of 7905km with 87 participants. The EDU Athletes put in a mighty effort, finishing with 3304km and 49 participants.

Well done to all!