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Tabor Advance

Saturday the 28th of August saw the successful launch of Tabor’s first ever Professional Development Day, Tabor Advance. We were thrilled to have over 100 teachers, ministry workers and other not-for-profit personnel register to attend an amazing day designed to both equip and encourage those serving within the community professions.

Attendees were able to select 4 out of 12 possible sessions with topics covered including staff wellbeing and self-care; leadership flourishing; creative thinking; enriching relational encounters; engaging in spiritual conversations; overcoming obstacles; and so much more.

The event was offered free of charge as Tabor’s gift to those serving the community on the front lines, however we in turn were truly blessed by the overwhelmingly positive feedback received in response to the day. Just a few of the written comments provided by attendees included:

“Thank you Tabor, for your generosity, love and care. I always love being back.”

“Much appreciated and genuinely valued.”

“My first encounter with Tabor and I’m very impressed.”

“Loved the day! Got so much out of it. Best way to spend the start of the weekend. Thank you for your generosity Tabor.”

Given the success of the event, we are excited about the prospect of offering further professional development opportunities and look forward to welcoming even more teachers, ministry workers, alumni and other community professionals to join us in the future.