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Talking the Walk

Developing your capacity for theological reflection in life and work

Talking the walk – an approach to what is commonly called theological reflection—is all about how we make meaning of experience in relation to faith, and are formed to then ‘walk the talk’. This subject uses the Road via Emmaus story from Luke 24 and the image of the labyrinth to offer three basic movements for talking the walk: conversation, discernment, and embodiment. It aims to develop you and those you engage with in faithful reflective practice, shaped for God’s flourishing of self, others and world. The emphasis is upon doing theological reflection, and not just talking about it!


Bruce Hulme is passionate about helping others ‘talk the walk’ in ways that cultivate deep, reflective, and congruent living. This is expressed through his teaching in reflection, formation, pastoral care and spirituality. Bruce’s approach to learning and teaching is founded upon the potency of vulnerability, hospitality and mutuality in the educator-student encounter; his hope is that others engage with not only what he knows, but also with who he is.



This subject can be audited (no work for assessment, no certificate) at the cost of $250.

Certificate level study is available to those who have completed at least one other of the subjects in this teaching series, and costs $400. In addition to engaging with the videos and Zoom sessions, credit students will also need an additional 25 hours across the semester to complete the allocated work for assessment.


Online, using a combination of asynchronous and synchronous modes for learning


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Video clips plus six live interactive Zoom sessions


June 1 | June 15 | June 29 | July 29 | August 10 | August 24 | 7:30pm - 8:15pm
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