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The Unknown Future

The details of the future are unknown

But I tried to peek around the corner


All I saw was a mirage

Of swirling colours

Jangled thoughts

And jagged feelings.

It hurt my eyes

My brain shrank

I said to myself:

“That’s enough”.

A deeper wisdom nudged me kindly

A playful, existential, poke in the ribs

“Come inside,

Rest inside


Peace returned

As a welcome friend

Bringing with it

A vision

Of the future

In picture form.

I saw the flower

Dormant as a bulb in winter

Patiently waiting

The turn of the season

The right time

To sprout


And blossom

An offering of unconscious grace

Before retiring again

To rest and sleep in darkness

The mystery of its dreaming life

Underneath the soil.


Dr Phil Daughtry